What I Eat + my favorite foods list

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I’m a healthy eater- although my boyfriend likes to tease me that I’m addicted to sweets!  I follow The Cleanse 75% of the time and allow myself to enjoy non-cleanse foods the other 25%. You can find information on The Cleanse here.

While I do love dessert now and then (Sprinkles cupcakes are difficult to turn down), I truly do practice what I preach.


Below is a list of my favorite foods. This was not an easy task since the only foods I dislike are wasabi and sardines… basically that left me with a lot of options to narrow down.

They’re in no particular order, except yes, eggs are my #1 favorite food.

  1. Eggs (prepared any and every way)
  2. Fresh mango
  3. Miso glazed salmon
  4. Chicken tikka masala
  5. Peanut/Almond butter (makes anything taste better)
  6. Ahi Poke
  7. Freshly baked white chocolate macadamia cookies
  8. Eggs benedict with smoked salmon, hold the Canadian bacon
  9. Bananas
  10. Meatloaf (my mama makes a mean meatloaf)


Here’s a typical day of eating for me, although it varies depending on my appetite, schedule, etc! This is based on my nutritional needs, and everyone’s needs are different. If you have questions regarding your eating habits contact me for a consultation!

I’ve never been a breakfast skipper, it is actually my favorite meal of the day. I try to eat within 20 minutes of waking up.


  • 1 cup cooked steel cut oats + 1 Tbsp almond butter + 1/2 banana (OR)
  • 1 slice gluten free bread + 3 egg whites + 1/8th avocado

\\What I order at Brunch

  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a side of potatoes.. don’t forget the ketchup. (I love The Porch in Newport Beach)

…While it is high in fat and calories, I never feel guilty after eating this plate of  deliciousness. It is important to treat yourself every now and then!

\\AM Snack

  • Hard-boiled egg.

Every day. No joke. Add a little salt and you’re good to go until lunch.

\\What I pack for lunch

  • Avocado + tuna + chickpeas + veggies + lemon juice = Salad
  • {If I’m in a hurry} 1 c. Greek yogurt + 1 Tbsp peanut butter + toasted quinoa

My coworkers call me a rabbit since my plate is usually full of veggies (I’m a dietitian, what can I say?).

\\What I order for lunch

  • Mexican food! Chicken tacos in a corn tortilla with guacamole, hold the cheese


  • Roasted almonds with fruit
  • Greek yogurt with almond butter
  • Gluten free toast with almond butter and sliced strawberries


In between my snacks I love sipping on herbal tea. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is my favorite, green tea is usually thrown in the mix as well.



I find myself eating dinner later and later (since I’m typically found taking pictures of my food for the blog). The recipes on my blog are my typical dinners. When my boyfriend isn’t eating over, I might make a bowl of steel cut oats and call it a night.


And as I mentioned before, I have a sweet tooth… it must be genetic since I distinctly remember my mom eating a brownie for breakfast on more than one occasion when I was young.



Author: April Murray

Hi, I’m April! Welcome to The Thin Kitchen, a blog that delivers engaging, colorful content aimed at both weight loss and providing healthy recipes and dietitian tips! I’m a Registered Dietitian, food lover and health enthusiast. I grew up in Orange County and currently live in Newport Beach with my miniature Australian Shepard named Lucy. The information and tips that I’ll provide you are a direct reflection of what’s in my kitchen, and of how I live my own life. I hope that my recipes and posts inspire you to continue on a path toward your healthiest, fittest, happiest you. xoxo April (and Lucy)

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